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Frequently Asked Questions on Chimpanzee Trekking

Frequently Asked Questions on Chimpanzee Trekking

What is Chimpanzee Trekking?

What is a chimpanzee permit?

When does one need to book a chimpanzee permit?

Do I own the Chimpanzee permit for good?

Can one trek chimpanzee without a chimpanzee permit?

How to book a Chimpanzee trekking permit?

Where can I see chimpanzees in Uganda?

Am I, assured to see the chimpanzees?

How long does the chimpanzee trekking takes?

Are there chimpanzees in Uganda?

Where can you see wild chimpanzees?

How many chimpanzees are in the Ugandan forest tribe?

Can a person with disability trek the chimpanzees?

Are there porters at the park to help?

What is the minimum age requirement for chimpanzee trekking?

What is causing chimpanzees to become endangered?

Are chimpanzees dangerous?

Am I allowed to take photos?

Can one extend his trekking booking for another day?

Is double trekking chimpanzees possible?

Is it possible to sight chimpanzee both on ground and on tree top?

Where is the chimpanzee starting trekking point?